In brief, the importance of Voting

There is real detachment in juvenescence, between one and another, or more - an inconsistency that breeds incompatibility.  Those motivated and driven with an appetite for social change are immensely vocal in that of which they vouch for.  Conversely, there coexists those of whom are equally stimulated in a similar way, but with a fatalistic … Continue reading In brief, the importance of Voting


Are societies becoming more unequal, and is that a bad thing?

To write “more” one implies that there are already inequalities within multiple societies – and to determine whether or not these are “bad” or good, we must begin to assess the public discourse on these pre-existing inequalities, and what they mean for us all. Gender, the most salient construction by which we live, is a … Continue reading Are societies becoming more unequal, and is that a bad thing?

World Systems

The transmutation of colonialism to neo-colonialism is based upon a cyclical nature of hegemonic structures that assure capitalist domination. For this reason, however, we can be sure that this economic system is nearing the end of its days. The World Systems Theory proposes that much of the wealth of core countries first originated from colonialism. … Continue reading World Systems


When we speak of radicalism in any field of philosophy or politics, it is with the intent of complete reform relative to the current status-quo. In essence, what certifies an aspect of social refurbishment to felt needed, or craved, and why is that so radical in the first instance? Radicalism is the complete oppositional stance … Continue reading Radicalism