When we speak of radicalism in any field of philosophy or politics, it is with the intent of complete reform relative to the current status-quo. In essence, what certifies an aspect of social refurbishment to felt needed, or craved, and why is that so radical in the first instance?

Radicalism is the complete oppositional stance to contemporary society in some ordeal, fashion or scheme. For instance, regarding feminism, or the current economic plan, or what religious movements govern the majority viewpoint. Many seem to associate any from of radicalism with connotations of negativity and obstructiveness, that is often met with satirical comments as to mock the impact of the minority influence. It is as if anything that deviates so extensively from our current set of norms, beliefs and values is almost so abstract that it’s existence cannot be thought of to exist in a material sense. But this, of course, is only relative to current, common understanding that is ingrained into our consciousness through decades of indoctrination that effectively tattoos ‘correct’ social structure into ignorant minds. What is unbelievable, is the fact that people outright refuse to acknowledge mass reformation, and better yet, fail to provide an argument for the stability of the current system. Perhaps it is just much easier to maintain a passive front, accepting existence with few questions – this, however, is damaging and never leads to any changes that we would all like to see.

Norms do change. As do beliefs and values, therefore a sense of radicalism regarding one particular thing can only exist for some period of time before attitudes ameliorate, and we see some other things become radical. For example, it was once radical to believe women could occupy any proportion of the full-time workforce, now, this is the norm. Currently, overturning patriarchy is a woeful, radical task with much opposition. As such, radicalism does adapt with the time. But with hope, reformation will come.

Above all, what makes radicalism so distanced and unlikable is the very fact that we are not inclined to like change whether or not we advocate for it; the very idea of it is nauseating – but, nevertheless, still what the majority of us really crave.

With a bit of fight, grief and hardship a socialist, feminist future may just be forthcoming.



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