The Taboo: Body Hair

All genders hate body hair on women; the female body should be infantalised. Female body hair, should we want to be standard, must be removed at the least. It is awfully strange considering the labour of energy women execute on the hair on their head, that we rid that found anywhere else - there must … Continue reading The Taboo: Body Hair



Girls. It is so hard. We are comprised of unbreakable self-esteem and confidence throughout our early years; the responsibility the world offers, the gender-binary relationship and in truth, anything, is so distant from reality we have little reason to ever question. Things seem easy. Whatever it is that you find yourself doing as a child … Continue reading Self-Worth

The stigma: Mental Health

With 1 in 6 suffering from a mental health symptom, and 1 in 4 from an illness itself, you would have thought such a subject would be central to global conversation. But, as we know, it is quite the opposite. Mental illness is referred to a specific psychological condition that causes disorder with regard to … Continue reading The stigma: Mental Health



GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS - EMER O'TOOLE I just finished this book, and have allowed a few days of reflection before collecting my thoughts and relaying them to you. Wow. A great book. I must admit, I couldn't put it down beyond halfway - it felt personal from this point forward. Emer wrote simply, but … Continue reading GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS