Encouraging Art

Please support your friends. Support people who are not your friends. Support people. Support people who make art, people who use their creativity, their capabilities and their minds to create jumbled pieces of which reflect the specialised nature of their psyche. People desire fulfillment and endorsement from others. We want to be subjects of investment. … Continue reading Encouraging Art


The previous Offred

If you have yet to read The Handmaid's Tale, I suggest you go and pick it up immediately. Honestly, an amazing book. When reading, however, you do find it puzzling due to the fragmented way it is written -- and this makes closer reading necessary. Approaching the half way point, things become clearer; you'll be … Continue reading The previous Offred

Adolescent Masculinity

As someone with primary experience of state school education, I would like to assume I have an ample knowledge of gender expression.  That is, the disparity of constructed identities reinforced by our elders and slowly ingrained through years of reinforcement. As if gender be a mere seed, supported by the verbal encouragement or mortification of … Continue reading Adolescent Masculinity



Compare and contrast how romantic love is presented in ‘The Great Gatsby’ and two poems from the cluster you have studied. (25) The conception that is ‘romantic love’ conveys ideas of depth, strength and resolute devotion in an emotionally fuelled bond. And, while ‘romance’ originated in the medieval ideals of chivalry, it still has unwavering … Continue reading Amateurish


No one would hire me so I’m writing a blog

This is the excerpt for your very first post.